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Why I Hired a Counselor and Coach

Lacrecia Dangerfield


I want to share with you some of my “REIMPRINTING” journey so you can see why hiring a counselor and coach is helpful.

First let’s define imprints as a defined by Robert Dilts (1988) as a significant experience or period of life from the past which a person formed a belief or cluster of beliefs, often in relationship to one’s identity.

Growing up in the Black Church and also in my family, mental health/illness was never discussed. I was taught certain beliefs such as

“You don’t go outside the family nor the church with family business.”

“You have to be strong and keep it moving because that is how we handle things.”

So imagine in 2000 when I was called into purpose after asking God, “what am I suppose to do when I grow up?” Mind you, I was 34 and God led me to apply to the Master of Arts in Counseling Program at a private college. Around the same time, I was introduced to Life Coaching through a TV show called Starting Over. The work looked similar but I struggled with my own beliefs about counseling and did not understand what coaching was all about. I was being called to do both.
So in 2004, I hired a Coach who was a Counselor because I had been laid off from my job and did not completely know how to navigate this career change. I was going from the expert to the student in a profession that I was not sure about. Judith helped me to challenge my mindset and develop a plan. Then I hired a Counselor I wanted to see how it was from the seat of the client. While sitting in the seat, I realized the value of having someone to walk through some irrational beliefs about life and help me to understand me. She was willing to hold that space with me.
Later on, I went through my own season of depression. I was feeling constricted and overwhelmed because I was trying to be the Strong Black Woman. During this season, I was not content with my own beliefs, barriers and behaviors about who I was and what I was called to do. I was questioning whether I was living the life that I was teaching others to live. Also my own foundational truths were coming into question about things I was taught growing up in the Black church.

I was seeking my own identity and liberation.

Over the past 10 years, I have hired another counselor and a few different coaches. My current therapist has helped me integrate who I am as a person and my calling. She also has helped me to deal with those imprints that I have carried for years. She has also helped me to deal with being single at midlife without birthing my own children. She has helped me deal with my LIFE during this season.
The different coaches have helped me to build a foundation for my business that allows me to connect who I am to what I do by getting out of my own way, owning my #BOSSstatus and serving those that I am called to serve.
The reason I hire Counselors and Coaches (sometimes all wrapped in one) is because it is part of my reimprinting process. I understand the value of the therapy and coaching experience. Also, I believe that it is worth the investment and part of my own personal and professional development.
Maybe this will help you understand the different roles that a Counselor and Coach can hold in your life.

As a Counselor

I counsel people around identity and mindset work that impact their relationships, career and life. These are the imprints that are getting in the way. We dig deep and have to look at the past because it is foundational to who you are and what you do. I walk along side my clients and sit in the space with you.

As a Coach

I coach women professionals at midlife around identity and mindset work that get in their way from being the leader that are called to be and to own their #BOSSstatus. I will challenge you in the right now about what is keeping you stuck and help you develop a plan to move forward. I also work with other mental health professionals, who are working to integrate their personal and professional identity so they can practice from a place of authenticity.