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Our mission is to empower women leaders by specializing in inner healing and relationship restoration through fostering emotional intelligence, personal growth and prosperous living. We create a safe space where every woman leader can achieve her fullest potential, personally and professionally.





I’m Dr. Lacrecia Dangerfield,


I am a licensed professional counselor and approved clinical supervisor with years of experience developing purpose-filled leaders.


My mission is to empower WOMEN LEADERS to participate in their inner healing so they can have prosperous lives and businesses.

inner healing

Inner healing is the process of addressing emotional wounds, traumas, and other issues of the heart. Inner heaing is the transformational journey of integrating spiritual and faith inspired practices. We approach healing from a holistic stance considering mind, body and spirit. Relationship Restoration allows for rebuilding and strengthen connections for prosperous and purposeful living.


We were created for relationship. Our primary relationship was modeled with connection to our mother and father. These relationships created the way we show up for self, God and others. During our time together, I will walk with you as you heal and restore your relationship with God, Self and others.

Organization Development and Training

We assist organizations in optimizing their leadership practices, cultivate workplace cultures that foster inclusivity and wellness while streamlining operations and outstanding results.


Dr. Dangerfield

Welcome! I love to help my clients show up authentically in who they are and the work they are called to do. My practice is located near Downtown Nashville. As a licensed professional counselor and approved clinical supervisor in Tennessee, I have been called to help women leaders to walk in their authentic identity , embrace their calling, promote inner healing and navigate burnout so they can live purposeful and prosperous lives. I wholeheartedly believe that God has called us to live and lead a liberated life, free of regrets and fear. It is my sole mission and greatest joy to help you do, just that!

Work With Dr. Dangerfield

Experience a safe and confidential space for you to build, grow and lead your business

inner healing

Our journey together may begin with helping you by holding space as you navigate through healing and transformation using various healing practices. 

Restore relationships

We were created for relationship. Focusing on mending spiritual, personal and professional relationships. Rebuilding those relationships and strength connections for a more a prosperous life.

lead your business

Leadership is an inside out experience. You have created your professional identity, and now growing your career and business. It is time to step into your role as leader in your community and the profession.


Check out what clients have to say about me

“I had the pleasure of working with Lacrecia Dangerfield for the course of a year. I was struggling with my new business and needed some professional coaching to take it to the next level. My sessions were very supportive. Lacrecia pushed me outside of my comfort zone and challenged my limiting beliefs when needed. She encouraged me to be authentic to myself and honour all of the gifts that I bring to the table. I would recommend her to any entrepreneur that feels stuck and ready for a change . I valued working with a faith based professional it took our work together to a whole new level.”

Susan Shaw

Zen Life Wellbeing

“Thanks for your feedback and affirmation in supervision. I am truly encouraged to move forward with the process of marrying my call to ministry with my call as a mental health professional.”

FM, Therapist

“Dr. D,
Thank you so much for taking me under your wing and guiding me through this process. I truly believe that I would not be where I am had it not been for your expertise and your willingness to share “you” with me. I will forever be grateful and you know that I’m reaching out again real soon!!!!!”

Latonia Bailey, LPC-MHSP