You will never be completely free until you are able to align who you truly are to what you were created to do. True freedom comes when identity and purpose collide and you are able to use your gifts to serve others. There are others out there looking for you to bring to them what you have to offer.

Let me introduce myself…I am Lacrecia known by some as Dr. Lacrecia or Reverend Doctor Soul Sista by others (LOL). I am a licensed professional counselor by calling who has been called to empower other counselors and helping professionals to create a blue print to make the rest of their life the best of their life. I believe that God has called us to live and lead a liberated life, free of regrets and fear.

My Story

Once upon a time.....I have always been a personal development/self help junkie as far as I can remember. My leadership journey started as a child...leading my cousins. I got bit by the entrepreneur bug as a teenager when I request my first catalog to sell cards and shoes. Who would have taught, I would be in the counseling field because I remember praying during my last semester of undergrad to pass my Psychology class. This led to my adventure in the Business arena for over 15 years working in Retail Management and the Financial Banking industry. 

Fast forward a few years and a degree in Counseling and working on my Doctorate in Counseling Education and Supervision plus an evening of watching Eat, Pray, Love.

After working in the public and private sector for over 25 years, I decided to leave my job and fully pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur for the second time. My faith in God has enabled me to push past my fear and move into action. I truly understand the difficulty of changing one’s life and facing life’s transitions.   Understanding that becoming the person God has called you to be, is not easy. Most importantly I know that you will never be truly happy if you cheat yourself out of becoming the best that you can be.

While talking to other counselors and other helping professionals in my work as a educator, mentor and leader, I noticed a commonality among them. Although talented and successful in their chosen fields, they were all living under a cloud of fear, insecurity and uncertainty about their next step.

Their stories weighed heavily on my heart.   I understood them because I carried the same weight. I began to wonder if other counselors and helping professionals were feeling the same way. I challenged myself to name ten acquaintances who were truly happy and living their best lives. I was stunned when I only found two.

They felt as though life had just happened to them because they were not where they thought they would be. Their dreams had been buried by the trapping of success-thinking money, titles, relationships, etc. would give them the value they longed for. They were spiritually and emotionally bankrupt (barreness).

After this realization, I answered the call that has been placed within me to empower counselors and other helping professionals, who desire to re-imprint their lives by getting down to the core of who we really are, activate their vision and accomplish their goals so they can live their BEST life.